2015 Top 5 Chiropractors near Pennington NJ

Back injuries can be anywhere from a mild nuisance to debilitating and excruciatingly painful. Worse yet, they can elicit stress, fear, and depression and render you unable to do the things that you love to do each day. That’s why it’s so important to find the right chiropractor who is not only convenient to see for an appointment, but who also truly has your best interests at heart.

Pennington, NJ is a wonderful area full of natural beauty, a welcoming community, and lots of choices when it comes to healthcare. You’re probably eager to get back to your workouts at Pennington Crossfit or Honor Yoga, or maybe you just want to get back to hiking the Sourland Mountains or spending time taking a walk down Main Street.

Because convenience is probably one of your top factors for finding the right chiropractor, we put together a list of the best chiropractors in the Pennington, NJ area:

  1. Central Jersey Spine & Rehabilitation Center, Hopewell, NJ

    • Specialties: Treatment of disc pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, stenosis, headaches, and joint injuries.

    • Hours: Appointments can be made online or over the phone, 6 days a week

    • Office: 47 W. Broad St. Hopewell, NJ 08525

    • Website: centraljerseyspinerehab.com

    • Phone: (609) 477-6111

    • Email:

  2. Henning Chiropractic, Flemington, NJ
    • Specialties: Spinal Decompression Therapy for low back pain.

    • Hours: Appointments 5 days a week, weekends by appointment

    • Office: 101 Pennsylvania ave Rt. 31 Flemington, NJ

  3. Manville Chiropractic Center, Manville, NJ

    • Specialties: Chiropractic and Massage therapy for aches and pains

    • Hours: 5 days/week by appointment

    • Office: 313 South Main St, Manville NJ

  4. Riotto Family Chiropractic, Trenton, NJ

    • Specialties: Chiropractic care

    • Hours: Unspecified

    • Office: 521 South Broad St Trenton, NJ

  5. Hamilton Holistic Wellness Center, Hamilton, NJ

    • Specialties: Comprehensive holistic approach to healthcare

    • Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Saturday by appointment

    • Office: 2131 Route 33 Hamilton, NJ

If you have questions about any neck, muscle, or joint pain you might be feeling, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Central Jersey Spine & Rehabilitation Center in Hopewell, NJ.

(609) 477-6111

Dr. Brandon S. Osborne