Top 5 Chiropractors in Skillman, NJ - 2015

The Top 5 Chiropractors in Skillman New Jersey - 2015

Over the course of a lifetime, just about everybody will have an activity-limiting bout of neck or back pain. In a given year, the prevelence-estimates of neck pain in developed countries is 30-50% in adults – which means that 3-5 out of every 10 people in the United States will have a bout of neck pain this year! Bouts of neck pain can cause emotional despair, fear, and affect your abilities to do the things that you need to do on a day-to-day basis. When having a bout of neck (or back pain), it is of the utmost importance to find the right chiropractor who is not only close by for an appointment, but who is also compassionate in their care and up to date with the current standards in treatment.

Skillman, NJ is a beautiful town with many wonderful restaurants, beautiful scenery, and many health treatment options for your neck or back pain. You’re probably ready to return to exercising at the Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center on route 206, or at the Anthony Rabara Pilates studio, or maybe you just want to get back to picking up dinner at YaYa Noodles or grab a bite at The Tiger's Tale (its tough to drive if you can't turn your neck!). Regardless of your motivation, its important the you able to get back to doing the things you like to do, as quickly as possible.

Because convenience is probably one of your top factors for finding the right chiropractor, we put together a list of the best chiropractors in the Skillman, NJ area:

  1. Central Jersey Spine & Rehabilitation Center, Hopewell, NJ

    • Specialties: Compassionate, effective treatment of disc pain, nerve pain, muscle sprains and strains, stenosis, headaches, and joint injuries in the neck and back.

    • Hours: Appointments can be made online or over the phone, 6 days a week – same day appointments available.

    • Office: 47 W. Broad St. Hopewell, NJ 08525

    • Website:

    • Phone: (609) 477-6111

    • Email:

  2. Total Health Chiropractic, Bridgewater, NJ

    • Specialties: Personal injury and Motor Vehicle Collision care.

    • Hours: Appointments 4 days a week

    • Office: 154 Adamsville Rd Bridgewater, NJ

  3. Johnson Chiropractic Center, Monroe NJ

    • Specialties: “whole person” approach to spine pain

    • Hours: 3 days/week, Sat by appointment

    • Office: 315 Forsgate Ave, Monroe NJ

  4. Manville Chiropractic Center, Manville, NJ

    • Specialties: Massage and chiropractic for general pains

    • Hours: 5 days a week

    • Office: 313 South Main St, Manville NJ

  5. Brunswick Health & Physical Therapy, New Brunswick, NJ

    • Specialties: Physical therapy on site.

    • Hours: Monday through Thursday

    • Office: 151 Livingston Ave New Brunswick, NJ

If you have concerns about any back, neck, muscle, joint, or nerve pain you might be experiencing, please don’t wait to reach out to us at Central Jersey Spine & Rehabilitation Center in Hopewell, NJ. We're here to help.

(609) 477-6111

Dr. Brandon S. Osborne